The Absolute Best Deep Dish Pizzas in Downtown Chicago

Chicago is known for its food, and one of the most well-known and popular dishes is deep dish pizza. This decadent style of pie is filled with cheese and boasts a crust that can be up to three inches tall on the sides.

It was invented in Chicago in the 1940s and it’s been a favorite for both locals and tourists ever since. We’ve got some of our favorite places to find deep dish pizza in downtown Chicago.

The home of the original deep dish pizza is Pizzeria Uno in the Magnificent Mile. It was invented in 1943 and back then it was called Pizzeria Riccardo after owner Ric Riccardo. It didn’t become Pizzeria Uno until they opened a second location, Pizzeria Due, in 1955. While Riccardo’s partner, Ike Sewell, is credited by Pizzeria Uno with inventing deep dish pizza, it’s also been said that Rudy Malnati, Sr., developed the recipe.

Rudy’s son, Lou, worked at Pizzeria Uno until he opened his own spot in 1971.  Now there are over thirty locations of the family-owned Lou Malnati’s throughout the Chicagoland area, including three in downtown Chicago, and they ship their pies worldwide. Lou passed away in 1978 and the restaurants continue to be run by his widow and his sons.

Rudy’s other son, Rudy, Jr., opened Pizano’s twenty years later. In addition to the original location on State Street there are four other Chicago locations. One point they’re very proud of is that Donna Marie Malnati, the widow of Rudy Malnati, Sr., makes the dough for every pizza they serve.

The other two heavyweights in Chicago’s deep dish pizza world are Gino’s East and Giordano’s. Gino’s East opened in 1966 after two taxi drivers tired of sitting in rush hour traffic. Giordano’s doesn’t actually serve deep dish pizza, but instead a variation called stuffed pizza. The difference is a stuffed pizza has a second crust. Where a deep dish is crust topped with cheese covered with sauce, a stuffed pizza has an additional crust between the cheese and sauce.

You can’t go wrong at any of these downtown Chicago spots for deep dish pizza. For more places to get a piece of pie, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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