Enjoy the Chicago Riverwalk in Winter with City Winery River Domes

In recent years the Chicago Riverwalk has undergone vast improvements. What used to be an open window to Lower Wacker Drive is now a vibrant destination. You can stroll all the way from Lake Street to Lake Michigan and stop at several places for dining and drinks.

The only problem is, it’s only open for the summer. Unless that is, you visit City Winery River Domes.

The popular riverside location of the West Loop winery and restaurant developed an innovative way to enjoy Chicago’s Riverwalk even in inclement weather. These River Domes are heated shelters that offer private outdoor seating all the way into December.

Up to eight people can fit comfortably inside these geodesic-looking domes. There’s a heater to ward off the chill, and you can bring your own entertainment since they provide Bluetooth speakers. If it’s mild outside, you can keep the dome partially open, but if it’s a typical blustery Chicago winter day, then close it up and you’ll be snug as a wine lover in a transparent dome.

The price is reasonable, too. It’s $85 per person, but that includes a minimum spend of $60 on food and wine. With items like imported burrata served with marinated tomatoes, fresh basil, and ciabatta bread; and a rosemary-infused pork chop with sweet potato mash and a Bulleit bourbon reduction, it will be easy to meet that minimum. That’s especially true when you pair your dining choices with a glass or a bottle of wine.

In addition to City Winery’s private label wines, they’ve got selections from around the world, including Oregon, Italy, France, and Greece, so you’re sure to find something to suit your palate. Not in the mood for wine? Beer and cocktails are available, too.

City Winery River Domes are a unique way to experience the Chicago Riverwalk, even during the winter. If you have other fun ways to stay warm during the freezing Chicago winters, let us know on Facebook and Instagram. And Follow our blog here for more fun Chicago events!


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