Warm Up Your Funny Bone this January at SketchFest

Mere blocks from home and miles from boring, the 18th Annual Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival (or SketchFest if you’re nasty) is tapping the mic and tickling your fancy in mid-January. Over 100 performers will storm Stage 773 in a tsunami of tsilliness (and alliteration!) starting Thursday the 10th and chuckling right through to Sunday the 20th.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the acts that make you go HA!

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This Thursday… #sketchfest2018 begins!

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In this case, LGBTQ stands for laughs, guffaws, belly-busters, titters, and… something that starts with Q. Challenge your preconceptions and join the gay party – yaas queen, indeed!

The Boston Sketch Company

Straight outta Beantown, this troupe is as salty as they are Boston-y… we really don’t understand that adjective, but we’re willing to learn. Welcome to Chicago, BSC!

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One month away 👍

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Feminine Gentlemen

In the grand tradition of genderbending giants like Monty Python and Eddie Izzard, these two lady-persons are flipping the script and sassing up the Windy City. So, twirl that mustache and take a seat – but don’t forget to curtsy!

The MoonSharks

Combining the best of lunar travel with the toothiest barbs in an ocean of laughs, The MoonSharks are out of this world! Sorry, we had to go there.

Parv and Pudi

The headliners of this year’s SketchFest are recognizable faces, but you’ve never seen them quite like this. Danny Pudi (from the NBC hit sitcom, or #HitCom, Community) and Parvesh Cheena (of Outsourced fame) are singing, dancing, and generally cute’ing their way into our hometown. Chicago will never be the same… in other words, we’ll be even more awesome than usual (is that even possible? Time for more research! This parenthetical aside is getting unruly).

As always, we’ve got a front-row seat to the best of the sketch. Chicago has produced some of the brightest stars in comedy, from John Belushi and Richard Pryor to Melissa McCarthy and even Betty White. That’s right, our love for laughs goes way back! 

So, who will be the next star to rise from Second City to first in our hearts? Hit up SketchFest and find out…

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