Stay in the Loop: The Best Coffee in Our Chicago ‘Hood

Time to break it down, honesty style: the holidays are stressful with a capital coffee! Without caffeine, how would we get through the most wonderful time of the year? It’s a dreadful thought, but let’s dwell on the solution instead: the cafés in Chicago’s Loop neighborhood are ready to serve up some eye openers…

Intelligentsia Coffee Millennium Park 

The gold standard when it comes to java joviality, Intelligentsia brews up gourmet fare daily. Their snacks are top-shelf and their drips are dropping it like it’s hot (or iced, if that’s your preference). The philosophy of any great café is to be a conversation starter, and this hip caffeine dispensary will get you gabbing about the surrounding neighborhood in no time. After all, the coffee shop is designed to reflect the post-industrial aesthetic of Millennium Park. Discuss amongst yourselves…

Specialty’s Café & Bakery 

Pouring Peet’s coffee and ladling out hearty soups, Specialty’s keeps Chicago warm in the winter months. Now that your soul is nice and cozy, you’re ready to brave the two blocks it takes to get back home to the comfort of Marquee!

Lavazza Kafenio

Taste the best of Italy a mere 4-minute walk from our front door with the molto bene marvelousness of Lavazza Kafenio. Stick to a classic drip, jet over to France (metaphorically speaking) with a café au lait, simmer in the Italiano indulgence of a cappuccino, or really mix things up with an orange mocha mio. No matter how you order, you’re getting worldly, Chicago style!

Goddess and the Baker

Oh heavens, this lofty eatery will bring you to the heights of Chicago cool and still keep you warm with a bevy of caffeinated concoctions. Their gingerbread latte and peppermint mocha are the stars of this holiday season, but this Goddess rules year round with boozy brunch specials like the peach tea mimosa and aperol spritz.

And now that the spirits are flowing, it’s time to close with a hearty cheers to the cafés and mainstays that keep The Loop spinning. Chicago runs on you, coffee lovers!

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