Doggie Daycares in the Loop and Downtown Chicago

Your pup is part of your family, and while you spend as much time as you can with your furry friend, work can get in the way.

If you want to make sure your companion isn’t left alone all day while you bring home the bacon, check out one of these doggie daycare centers near the Loop and downtown Chicago. They’ll make sure you have ease of mind and your dog gets the interaction and activity he or she needs.

Tucker Pup’s Pet Resort

Tucker Pup’s Pet Resort is a full-service facility in the West Loop that offers dog daycare, boarding, grooming, and training. They offer daycare seven days a week. Dogs are separated based on size and temperament, so if you’ve got a shy one, he won’t be scared by others that are a bit more exuberant. There’s also a large outdoor playground complete with grass, pools, and playground equipment. You don’t even have to use them five days a week. You can take advantage of their service just one day a month, if that’s all you need.

Pups Pets Club

River North’s Pups Pets Club makes sure you know how your dog is doing so you never have to worry. Not only do they communicate with you, they have plenty of windows allowing you to see what’s happening, and you can even view the facility through their webcam. The dogs are monitored and each one has current vaccinations for rabies, distemper, and canine influenza. They’ve also got an on-site veterinarian, so there’s no need for a separate visit to make sure your dog is healthy.

City Pets

If your pup is small, you’ll want to check out City Pets in Streeterville. Their doggie daycare is specifically designed for dogs 18 pounds and under, and they limit the number to just ten per day. With comfortable furniture, beds, toys, and blankets, it’s designed to feel like a home. They even have aromatherapy and music designed for dogs. Before your dog can even join the pack there’s a trial period to make sure everybody gets along.

Finding a good doggie daycare will make sure your friend is not only in a safe and clean environment, it also means they’ll get some much needed social interaction while you’re away.


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