Thanksgiving in the Windy City Will Blow You Away!

As that familiar November chill descends on our beloved hometown, a festive celebration promises to warm our hearts anew. Uncle Dan’s Thanksgiving Parade kicks off the holiday season as it hits the streets at 8 am this Thursday.

Which streets, you may ask? Great question!

The parade route marches up State Street and traverses all the way from Congress Parkway north to Randolph Street. Heads up for Teddy the Turkey looming overhead as he ducks the voracious appetite of his balloon brethren Garfield (in pilgrim garb) and Bullwinkle J. Moose.

Strutting their stuff on the streets below, you’ll see a regal horse procession, ballerinas, soul steppers, and fire jugglers! Hot stuff, coming through!

The Chicago Thanksgiving Parade has a storied past, dating back all the way to 1934. Caught in the grip of The Great Depression, local citizens needed an uplifting break from their daily drudgery. Hence, the Christmas Caravan was born. Fast forward half a century to 1984, when the parade was rebranded as “The Ronald McDonald Children’s Charity Parade” and rerouted from State Street to Michigan Avenue.

More than a decade later, sponsorship shifted to Marshall Field’s, who prioritized the introduction of recognizable balloon character to the mix. Thanks for those memories, indeed!

Beginning in 2007, the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade became one of only three such celebrations to be broadcast live in its entirety to the entire United States. Now everyone can see just how glorious our hometown really is!

In fact, this broadcast has a potential reach of over 80 million televisions, not to mention the various streaming services where you can also join the fun. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can saunter from the comfort of your Marquee apartment home and join about half a million of your fellow Chicagoans to celebrate live!

The roster of celebrity guests is kept as secret as your grandmother’s gravy recipe, but if past is prologue, prepare to be wowed. As always, however, the real headlining celebrity is the city that plays host to this joyous assembly of talent and wonder. Chicago, we give thanks for you today and every day. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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